How To Increase Your Homes Value

There are many cost effective things you can do to increase your homes value – the key is to make your home equal to, or slightly better than your competition.

However, that requires knowing a few things about the market and a good understanding of cost vs remodeling strategies:
◾who your competetion is and what they offer,
◾understanding exactly what buyers are looking for in the market and price range your home is positioned in,
◾and, which items have the highest return and biggest bang for the buck – what to do – and what not to do!

Too many homeowners wing it here when getting a home ready to sell and make the mistake of either spending too much money on the wrong things, and /or selecting options, colors, or materials for thier projects which “they” think would be desireable. The result can be wasted money that can’t be recouped, or worse, a home that is actually less desireable and may sell at a lower price and sit on the market much longer than if they had consulted with an expert first.

Robert Whitfield has valuable experience and insight in helping sellers address more than just the common sense paint, clean, and de-clutter advice most good agents give their sellers.

Robert gives sellers the same sound and proven advice but when needed, has the experience to take things several steps farther to assist his clients in getting thier homes sold for the most money and shortest time. Robert has an assistant who is talented with staging and Feng Shui placement, and can help sellers make the most of what they already have. In additon, Robert Whitfield is both experienced and fully qualified as an ICC Certified Building Inspector, to consult with sellers on the most cost effective minor refurbishments to major remodeling projects. Robert has overseen full remodeling projects for clients from start to finish, including defining scopes of work, bid process, contractor selection and oversight, inspection and oversight of work, and clearance for final payment.

Robert also has the ability as an ICC Code Certified Inspector to go through his clients home and look for red flag issues that sellers might want to proactivly address in the most cost effective way ahead of time – before a buyers inspector comes in and blows things out of proportion or possibly kills the sale altogether.

Using his invaluable construction code inspection, repair, and remodel experience, Robert can be counted on as a trusted resource throughout the transaction acting as his clients complementary consultant / advocate regarding all such issues. In this unique role Robert has used his extra credentials and experience to save his sellers many thousands of dollars by successfully refuting bad inspection calls from buyers inspectors, and on many occasions personally saved client deals from what would have been certain death had the client been using any ordinary agent to list thier property.

Fill out the form below and let us know about your unique situation and Robert will personally get back to you with some information and help you determine the best plan of action.

For some good ideas to increase value and add saleablilty visit HGTV Frontdoor’s article: