What’s My Home Worth

Fill in the What’s My Home Worth form below and you will receive an Instant Home Valuation analysis of what your Walton High School home might be worth according to recent and accurate local market data. Of course, this will be a rough estimate, as we would need to see the property in person to give you the most accurate Market Analysis – what we believe we could sell your home for, and what we would price it at if we listed it.

A home is worth what a well informed buyer who is not under any undue influence is willing to pay at any given time. The market – driven by buyers – is the only true indicator of actual value. 

Valuing property is in a way part art and part science – and no two appraisers will agree on value but they should be within a few percent of each other. No two parcels are the same, no two homes are the same and each transaction has its own set of circumstances. Owners maintain their homes in different ways, general conditions, improvements, and upgrades will vary from home to home and all this must be considered whether an appraisal is being done by an appraiser or an agent is doing a detailed comp study. No matter who is doing the valuation, being willing and able to get spot on comps is of paramount importance and is an area where agents usually drop the ball the most, but I have seen appraisers make the same mistakes. On two memorable occasions I had to defend my seller against $30K appraisal mistakes to save their equity and their deal. Fortunately errors of that magnitude are not too common, but when it did occur my clients were glad they hired a Walton High School Home market expert who lives and works in this market every day, instead of an agent who works in some other primary market area of town, or who “works everywhere”!

Fortunately there are standard guidelines used in the industry and buyers, sellers, and owners would benefit from understanding this material – even though it wont make you qualified to challenge an appraiser, you will understand the process. For the most part, these are guidelines followed by knowledgeable real estate professionals when handling transactions and performing appraisals.

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