View Walton High Homes By Feeder And Price

Rest on the “View Walton High Homes By Feeder And Price” Navigation Button above and select the link to see available homes by Price Range or in these Walton High Middle School feeder schools or click the links below. Notice that some of the Middle Schools feed more than one Elementary School so it is critical to verify which schools serve a home by using an exact address – we have access to feeder school verification tools which will do that.

Dickerson Middle School Homes – including these Elementary Schools: Eastside (Part of), Mt Bethel (Part of), Sope Creek (Part of), and Timber Ridge (Part of).

Dodgen Middle School Homes – including these Elementary Schools: Eastside (Part of),  Kincade (Part of), Mt Bethel (Part of), Murdock (Part of), and Timber Ridge (Part of).

Hightower Trail Middle School Homes – including Tritt Elementary School.

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